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When Beard Tribes go to War

By Bobfish06-12-2013

The Banner Saga is going to war. Ready your Ulfbehr+t, seek the blessings of your gohdi and godia (priest and priestess), eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow, brothers and sisters, tomorrow we do the Allfather proud! The above video is a very rough guide, but it reveals an incredibly deep, though outwardly simplistic, style of play. Very broadly speaking, combat is split into two sections. An autoresolved war engagement which is decided mostly by decisions you make prior to fighting, and a smaller melee with six characters of your choice that plays out like Chess. Or Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Ogre for us gamers.

The time it would take for me to explain how it all works is probably actually longer than the video, so my advice is to just fire it up and enjoy. But basically, you take turns moving, attacking, resting and doing hero specific things like...that part hasn't been reveleaed yet. The heroes themselves are many and varied, include women, and all have glorious, luscious beards.

Even the women.

Beard on!

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