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What's Going On The Splinter Cell: Blacklist?

By JcDent10-08-2013

Splinter Cell used to be a game about sneaking about, all spy and stealth like, but it gradually went more "action, booyah!". This Splinter Cell: Black List trailer will tell you all you need to know about the newest game. For example, Cole the Technician deserves a few punches in the face.

Anyways, you'll be able to both sneak about unnoticed (despite the bright green lights on your suit) and non lethal or go all the way to shooting everything that moves, twice. There's lot of gear, tech, upgrades (even to Norma...I mean, Paladin, the mobile plane base) and various mission location - including Estonia! You'll also get Coop and multiplayer play.

So, are you ready to save America from Americans?

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