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What You’ve been Waiting 15 Years for

By MatthewJMimnaugh12-12-2013

Entropy, an early access MMO space shooter from Artplant, promises "the space experience you have been waiting fifteen years for". End of sentence prepositions and the narrator's pronouncing MMO like he has no idea what it is aside, the trailer doesn't look half bad, if a little short. People are already comparing this to EVE and, having played EVE, I can say they are similar, but also very different.

For one, the more active combat (if the trailer is gameplay and not rendered B roll) will set the game apart from EVE, the game described by many people as a spreadsheet simulator. The game even has some interesting pricing models (Colonist $19.99, Explorer $39.99, and Founder $99.99), the three tiers offering different benefits, most odd of which is the Founder tier including two extra Colonist copies of the game to give/sell to friends. While the post purchase pricing model is unclear and no glimpses of pricing models have been seen, the game looks pretty interesting. Pick it up on Steam Early Access if you want to give it a go.


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