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What Yager Do Now Then?

By Bobfish15-07-2015

Things are looking increasingly sketchy for Dead Island 2. First there was the delay, and now Deep Silver have made the decision to stop working with Yager. Yeah, seriously, talk about leaving it to the last minute.

In an oddly brief (ironically) and vague Twitlonger, the news was dropped pretty much completely out of the blue yesterday. One can only speculate as to why this decision was made, but my bet would be on Yager perhaps being spread too thin with also working on Dreadnought. At least, I sure hope so, 'cause I've been rather fond of them since Spec Ops: The LIne, and I'd hate to see Deep Silver go down the douchebag publisher route.

But again, for now, all we can do is speculate. So keep your eyes, and your mind, open and we will tell you more as we learn it ourselves.

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