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What Witch(er)craft Is This?

By Kelevandos01-07-2013

Yeah, we have another bunch of Witcher 3 screens. Yeah, these are exactly the same views you have already seen like four times. And hell yeah, they are nothing of a boring thing to look at!

For the first time Pixel Judge gives you these shots in high quality, so go on and feast your eyes on the sharp edges of the monsters' claws, the gilded hilt of Geralt's silver sword or the beggar who keeps begging despite the fire raging around. Maybe he's collecting money for a copy of Witcher 3? If that's the case, man, I can understand his attitude...

Also, have you been following the Killing Monsters site we told you about during E3? Two weeks have passed, so there are 2 more pieces of awesomeness for Geralt's fans – a downloadable MP3 with the music from the trailer as well as another wallpaper, starring Leszy, a Slavic folklore beastie. By the way, it bugs me how they are going to translate this guy's name. Let's just hope it will be something better than phonetically turning Kościej into Koshchey...

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Man, those screens look better every time I see them