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What Will Crysis Be In The Future?

By Merc07-01-2013

Crysis is certainly well known for its bleeding edge visuals. The first game was notorious for being a great looking game, but was difficult to run on most PCs at the time. Crysis 2 was not as well received in the PC community, but was still a decent game. The third game is on the horizon, and has been touted as a PC melter, and hopefully it is. Where does Crytek go from here? In a recent interview with Dusty Cartridge Cryteks Michael Elliot Read discussed the future of the series. It is interesting that he believes the series could go in a variety of different directions. Read believes that the series has life left in it. He even goes as far as saying that there could be a Crysis game that is not even a first person shooter. That is certainly interesting, and would be great to see what else they can come up with. Hopefully the Crysis franchise does not get run into the ground, and creating another type of game could be interesting.

Crysis 3 will hit the streets in February, and you can check out some gameplay. Are you excited for Crysis 3 or the future of the franchise? What type of Crysis game would you like to see – RTS, RPG, a racer? Let us know in the comments.

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Posts: 351

I would like to see an rpg i guess.

Posts: 53

MAXIMUMARMOURVILLE. Psycho Kart. Final Crysis III. The possibilities are endless.

Posts: 1548

@Ruby I think if they added more species they'd ruin the franchise completely. I mean varied units are OK but introducing a complete new species is very hard.

Posts: 223

An RTS would work, add in one or two more enemy 'species' to the Ceph and human enemies, and nano suit soldiers with normal marines etc - I think it would be a pretty decent game if done right.

A cover based third person shooter is more likely though.