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What to Assault in Second Assault?

By JcDent21-11-2013

Battlefield 4, the somewhat bug maligned 64 infantry and vehicles multiplayer shooter that seems to wish it was Call of Duty instead, has a few DLCs incoming. And it seems the first one we will be seeing (or not, what with a timed Xbone exclusive) is Second Assault, the "no effort" pack. In it, we have four of the "fan favourite" maps from Battlefield 3. Luckily for us, some of the people in the video game video industry had a chance to try it out (on Xbone) in the UK and brought video recording equipment. Unfortunately, some felt they had to comment on it, too.

Let's get the worst out of the way first: Operation Metro and inappropriately excited dude from LevelCapGaming. Operation Metro is a horrible Charlie-Foxtrot of a map (one of the indications is that there are no vehicles present!) that slogs down into a grindfest as soon as action starts moving down into the titular metro tunnels. Then again, what else can be expected when two teams are placed at the opposite sides of what can be reasonably described as a straight tube? Of course, the commenter will try to get you excited about the burning grass (it's pretty neat) and "levolution" effects (if you shoot a pillar here a part of the ceiling collapses! Oh no, map remains the same!) and maybe some more narrow passageways... But this is Metro. It's beyond redemption.

Next on the talky businesses is GameRiot and Operation Firestorm, the big refinery map with the sniper mountain and TOW emplacements camping. Well, all in all it looks better visually and there are some nice touches here and there, like a ditch parallel to the main road (to sneak up on Offices while avoiding snipers and tanks) , but the "levolution" beast seems pretty tame here. And that's what happens, EA (because I doubt anybody at DICE pretends that "levolution" is a big thing or a thing at all), when you hype a feature and then it's not exactly groundbreaking.

Now, the last two maps are presented by jackfrags, a guy who focuses on shooting and not on talking. Seriously, looking at his video, you'd thing the opposite team was made up from blind, one armed cripples. Caspian Border looks like Caspian Border, although the big oppressive looking wall at the road check point looks awesome and features mean toggling roadblocks. Meanwhile, the invariably destroyed tower seems to have moved to the D conquest point on the hill. It's destructible via triggered timed explosives in a basement underneath it, and after falling down provides a tunnel over the brook.

Gulf of Oman, which I only played extensively in Battlefield Play4Free, doesn't look like it changed that much, except for a huge sandstorm that engulfs it from time to time. It all looks pretty sweet, even if there's nothing special or too new.

The other two additions are some weapons, a VDV buggy (why wasn't it in the main game?) and capture the flag. Seems like a lazy DLC so far. It comes out for Xbox One on November 22 and on PC about a month later.

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Yeah I see where you're coming from and do agree with a lot of aspects. Especially in the prospect of your predicted future. Though I also believe that gamers are NOT in control as a lot of people who buy these things are "casuals" that just saw the advert on TV.

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Oman was a DLC for BF3.
Now its a DLC again...for BF4.
Including some of the OLD weapons we had in BF3, are part of this DLC.

Why do people constantly pay additional money for content they've already paid for?

A map pack should be free, especially since they've really done nothing to them. And DICE themselves did say (and you guys remember) they would never charge for a map pack. This is a map pack. Inbefore but it has old weapons, its an expansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posts: 341

Jenssen, no one posts comments on your news. I bring that, be happy theres actually someone on this site that isnt "staff".

The point of the DLC is to pay, again, for old maps? to be specific: Oman?
15 bucks for 3 decent maps and 1 cod map? Too much money. Especially since they cant even fix their game. So far ~10? Patches have fixed nothing.

Heck, the netcode is so bad it counts 1 bullet as two, completely random!

Why would I buy it? I kind of have to though, why? The communtiy gets split when you dont have the additional content.
So fun to play on (now EA controlled) servers that will have DLC rotations so youre playing floodzone then suddenly DLC map and you get kicked out.. so fun!

Why are modern gamers so...desperate and dont think at all?
They dont seem to realise that it affects them in the long run.
Our games will get shorter, will have less content, will have much less polish. But remain with full pricing and EVEN MORE DLCs.

Its just sad what it has become.
The campaign is so copy pasta its just ridiculous.
The multiplayer is so broken its ridiculous, people pay full price to BETA test Battlefield 4 and Betalog for months to come, sad really.

Posts: 1317

I find it insulting that Xidio keeps posting random whiny rants on EVERY piece of BF4 news we post. Does the insulting rule apply for that too? :D

Seriously though. If he's not interested in the game, then why does he bother? Why not move on, like normal and sane people do? I don't care about BF4. You don't see me ranting on about it. Let it go, Xidio. Stop being so angry at everything, you're not a teenager anymore (at least when we're talking actual physical age).

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We told him that when he was moaning about the beta. He's gonna' get it, then come back and tell us all how terrible it is.

It's his thing

Posts: 1548

That is the point of this DLC, to bring back the maps from the previous games. If you don't like it - don't buy it.

The price/value might be questionable but the intentions are clear.

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Except me, because I insult myself *sage nod*

On topic, I'm with XiDiO on this one. The bit that really pisses me off is that the Xbox still gets it early. People are now paying extra (Premium) for the honour of being ripped off. You're now officially EA's bitch

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@Ruby - no "no insulting" rule applies to everyone.

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Hahaha I knew a certain moron would troll this story

Posts: 341


Exactly the same, but darker.
Levolution: Fire, oooh kids will love that one!

Exactly the same.
Levolution: knee-high water floods the tunnel, wooden sticks hold up the ceiling you can shoot down. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

Caspian Border
Clusterfuck at the middle of the map at the ALL NEW Antenna.
Levolution: BREAK ANTENNA TO GET ACCESS TO MORE OF THE MAP (US Side) cause of magical copy pasta wall.