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By MrJenssen10-08-2013

Hey kids! Remember that bizarre and creepy clown-trailer for the upcoming third person shooter The Bureau: XCOM Declassified? Sure you remember. And you remember the game too. That game that got tons of bad word-of-mouth and subsequently went underground only ro resurface as something slightly different? You likely also remember that one trailer with that Hobbit from Lost too, right?

Well, what if you take all that random stuff, and just... Oh, I don't know... but them together into a jumbled mess that can best be described as WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Yes. Lookit, just watch the video, and then we'll talk. We'll talk about everything. We'll talk about your ruined childhood, and your new serious mental illness as result of watching this video. But before all that... I dare you. Just watch it. Because as bizarre and potentially dangerous it is, it's still a hell of a watch. And at least the aliens aren't dumb black goo anymore!

The game itself, while not likely as bizarre or awesome as this trailer, is just two weeks shy of release. It has a fancy pre-order deal on Steam too, where you can currently get a DLC mission pack and Spec Ops: The Line. You can potentially get the entire classic X-COM pack too, if a good few more people pre-order it.


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Posts: 1317

Didn't he have an acid-squirting flower?

Posts: 3290

An acid squirt gun? Like The Joker

Posts: 120

Can we get the clown as a companion? Please say we can have a clown running around shooting aliens and dropping circus-themed mines and turrets. And a squirt gun instead of a laser rifle. Oh, the possibilities!

Posts: 3290

I have no FUXCOM clue :p

Posts: 1548

Is this the final Trailer of the series or will we get another one to wrap up this wrap up?