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What The F*** Is WildStar?

By JcDent21-03-2013

Seriously, WTF? Luckily, our cries have reached the devs and they launched a video to that effect. WildStar centers on the ancient planet Nexus, where the magic and technologies of Elders resides. The plucky rebels and mercenaries - the Exiles - are fighting for it against the Dominion, a proud military empire. Races and classes are a given, but the game also promises clan-fortresses build in Warplots as well as ability to build your own house.

What else can you do here? You can engage in professions like warrior, scientist, engineer and explorer. And, also, the usual gamut of dungeons, raids, PvP, coupled with episodic content.

Or you can just stop being a square and just go watch the video - it's awesome!

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