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What's new Kitty Ballard?

By Bobfish13-02-2014

Coming right out of left field and pouncing like a kittycat on catnip, Kit Ballard may soon be sassing her way back into our hearts. Anyone else remember Blade Kitten? The cute little platformer that made furries cream their pants? Released way back in the distant past of 2010, it ended on a cliffhanger with the assurance that it was "to be continued." A continuation that never happened...

Until now.


According to the offical Facebook, and some follow up by our clleagues at Joystiq (many thanks for that!) Krome Studios are on the cusp of regaining exclusive rights to the franchise. This, hopefully, will allow the, apparently already mostly complete, five extra levels that comprise episode 2 to be released as a DLC that will come in at around the $5 mark. This is, however, still all up in the air at the moment, depending more on third parties (Microsoft, Sony and Steam) as to how they will deal with their respective distribution platforms. But the important thing is that Krome and Atari are in no dispute over what happens next. So whether it be as a DLC, or a re-release of the game with the extra levels included (would be a bummer, but I'd damn sure buy it!) the story will finally be finished.

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It makes us part of an exclusive club. All the rest are just jelly

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Yes I remember Blade Kitten. Does this make me cool or unpopular then???