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What Lays Beneath

By Bobfish09-09-2014

You know what they say about assuming. Well, to fit the motif, I'm going to assume most of you are not familiar with the literary Holmes. Specifically his penchant for disguises. Which often cause people to assume (see what I did there?) he is someone else. This was best portrayed by the late 80s to mid 90s series starring the late, great Jeremy Brett. A consummate professional, not only did he look like a completely different person, his performance was entirely unique in each instance. From the vocal range all the way down to such seemingly insignificant details as gait and bearing. Not only did characters within the setting not recognise him, but oftentimes neither did the audience. Hey, I'm a Jeremy Breet fanboy, deal with it.

Now, the Crimes and Punishments Holmes' is not quite so all consuming, likely because of the added complexity of programming in a multitude of permutations for the way he walks and such. But the vocal mannerisms do change, significantly, from one disguise to the next. And we, the player, are given a great deal of control over the particulars of said disguise. So it strikes an...acceptable balance between the two. Judging from gameplay at least. For a more detailed analysis, well, we are expecting (hoping) for review codes to become available within the week. So check back soon for that.

For everyone else, the game releases 30th of this month across all major platforms.

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