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What a Wonderful (Dragon) Age

By Kelevandos18-11-2014

What is the thing with classic songs being remixed into dark versions recently? First the Pinocchio song in Age of Ultron trailer (which was later hilariously replaced with My Heart Will Go On, btw) and now the new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer with its gloomy version of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World". This is weird. I can not say I do not like the trailer itself though, as it shows even more epicness and some interesting lore.

First of all, the game looks awesome. This is nothing new and was known from the moment the first trailers were published, but it is still worth mentioning. Especially as the trailer seems to be created 100% on the game's engine. I myself prefer the more realistic visuals in type of The Witcher's, but it is impossible not to awe at the beauty of the new DA for a while.

Secondly, the cast. In the trailer, we see many familiar faces from both DA: Origins and DA2, but two of them force me to raise an eyebrow. Morrigan makes a comeback, which is surprising, but not unexpected. The second one is more mysterious though - two of the scenes seem to showcase... Duncan, the Gray Warden badass from the first game. I will leave it here to avoid spoilers, but man, this will be interesting.

The game will be out in a few days (November 21th) with Pixel Judge's review following soon after, so stay tuned!

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I...kinda' like it

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The Ass Creed Trailer version of Everybody Wants to Rule the World was the worst cover song I've ever heard....

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And the Ass Cream Unity trailer. Don't forget about that