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Well Hey There Puddin'!

By Bobfish07-11-2013

You can be forgiven for thinking that there are only two MOBAs in the universe (LoL and SMITE) with Valve's DOTA being...well, Valve. But there are actually a lot more with varying levels of success. One such is DC's Infinite Crisis, which just got itself a new support champion that makes the game a lot more appealing. Introducing everyone's favourite therapist, Harley Quinn. With a wide variety of abilities that make her both a valued support and a competent fighter in her own right.

Harley can stun and do significant damage to opponents, whilst providing buffs and heals to her teammates. She can even throw pies at people! Seriously! With anyone else, that would sound silly, but for Harley? It's all part of her charm. She is quite the force to re reconned with indeed, with a moveset that harkens all the way back to her original appearance in the Batman Animated TV series. Comic Harley is now a fullblown hero. Infinite Crisis Harley is still doing Mister J proud.

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