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Welcome to Purgatory

By Bobfish08-10-2013

The somewhat flawed, but highly enjoyable Space Hulk has seen a nifty little update slinking out of the warp. In the shape of an extra campaign titled The Messenger of Purgatory added to the roster free of charge. This comes couple with a 1.2 patch which includes a number of bug fixes, as well as tweaks to the UI and gameplay (such as a tooltip showing hit chance against a Genestealer) that not only bring the game further in line with its tabletop forefather, but also make it far more balanced.

The fact that the campaign is 'only' three missions will doubtless set some tongues wagging. But I would like to remind you, this is being added free of charge. It's not so shameless, half arsed money grab. Hater's gonna hate and all, but still. if I see anyone pissing and moaning about this one I'll introduce you to my Power Fist.

For everyone else, especially people still sitting on the fence about buying the game in the first place. One of my real life YouTube Subs uploaded a Let's Play of the first mission earlier today. Clocking in at close on 45 minutes, it should give you some idea of the length of the campaign as a whole. That's a good two hours of extra, free content. Give it a look and leave your thoughts below.

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