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Welcome to Jurasource Park

By Bobfish03-01-2013

We may be coming to the party a little late here, what with the dinosaurs dying out sixty-five million years ago and all, but...wait, you thought I was talking about the video being three weeks old? Shush, I'm being witty. Anyway. Proving that there's still plenty of life in the increasingly persistent Source engine, an extremely dedicated team of dinosaur and Valve (valvosaur?) fans have given us something truly quite staggering to drool over - Jurassic Life. Boasting some outstanding visuals, coupled with the promise of still being an unpolished work in progress, we have here, for free, and something that many gamers have been clamouring for decades - the assurance of a good dinosaur game. I'd even go so far, personally, as to predict greatness. See for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree.

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Made me want to read the book again. I currently have it on my desk, propping up my monitor so I can see it unhindered, over the top of my MacBook.

Go me

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Made me want to watch the movies again.

Posts: 3290

Those visuals are pretty darned incredible