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Welcome The Cartel in Act of Aggression

By zethalee13-08-2015

That's not all that's come in the latest patch, either. Eugen Systems, makers of the dense-yet-entertaining Wargame series, have been taking community feedback to heart, and added in a few other changes as well, as you can read about here. In short, there's some new multiplayer maps coming, the ability to zoom out further has been added, there's been some quality of life changes for planes, and free for all matches have been added in online games.

As for the Cartel themselves, they are a PMC who pride themselves on their technological prowess, requiring high amounts of resources in the process for base construction, while the mercenaries themselves require cash in order to function. There are two major technological trees, the Private Military, which doesn't require electricity to power its buildings and defensive structures, and the Black Ops, which do, but far surpass the capabilities of the Private Military technologies. A greater reliance on all three resources leaves a weak spot in the advanced armor of the Cartel, as they cannot do without .

With the open beta running for anyone who pre-purchases the game, this will be welcome news to anyone looking for more out of their game. Act of Aggression releases on September 2nd, and pre-purchasing the game nets you a 15% off discount on Steam.

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