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Weapon Crates Dropping On Thursday

By MrJenssen03-12-2013

Payday 2 is a great cooperative shooter. One of the things making it so entertaining - apart from the fact that it's all about robbing banks loaded with money - is the gunplay. Weapons feel powerful and act realistically. For those of you who loved leveling up far enough to unlock new weapons, robbing banks to be able to afford them and drawing random cards hoping to get awesome new modifications for them, will likely be happy to hear that a new DLC is dedicated to you. Gage's Weapon Pack comes with a handful of new weapons, big and small, of a more advanced type than the ones you've had available to you from before.

The first crate has already been revealed, containing weapons identical-looking to the belgian SCAR rifle, H&K's MP7 sub-machinegun and a pistol that looks a suspicious amount like SIG Sauer's P225. Naturally, all the weapons come with their own set of juicy modifications.  There are two additional weapon crates as well, the second of which is to be revealed tomorrow and the last on thursday, when all three crates release at the same time, dropping the goodies for all players willing to pay up.

Indeed, this DLC will not be free. The price is as of yet unannounced. Though, with the DLC comes an update increasing your inventory space for both primary and secondary weapons, as well as including a new option to select your fire mode. These two new features will luckily be free to all players.

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I'm still trying to remember where I know that guy from. The dude who plays Gage. I've seen him in something else...it was bugging the shit out of me whilst I was watching the webseries.

I could IMDb it...but that would be admitting defeat.