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We Got (An)Nether Update

By acharris7719-12-2013

Phosphor Games Studio is planning to update their urban survival MMO Nether, if everything goes well. The update, which should be on Steam Early Access Wednesday 18th, brings with it new features that will affect gameplay immensely. Phosphor listened to the feedback, which it received from the community.

Amongst the host of features introduced, the one that appears to stand out from the lot is the wing glider. This will allow you soar down from tall buildings like batman, but without the utility belt that hosts everything you need. The only drawback with this now is that you can shoot while gliding, which is a bit of a letdown in my opinion.

A subway system been added to Nether, which will change the way in which you navigate the game. This will now allow you to explore the underground of the post-apocalyptic world. Be aware, you may not be alone down there, so could not be the safest way to travel though the game.

Added to the update are some new items - a flashlight, compass, road flare, and smoke grenade, as well as a new tank-like enemy. Finally, players will be able to gain extra experience points and multipliers with the surge objecting. This is done by engaging mini-bosses that appear randomly around the game. Other suggestions from the community, like a playable female character, will be implemented in the future update, as there was too much for this patch.

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