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We Are Watching Dawg

By Bobfish21-06-2013

A short video of the multiplayer aspect of Watch Dogs has snuck out onto teh intrawebs. Now, leaving aside the chap playing...kinda' sucks, it reveals a lot more than a cursory glance would suggest. Showing how it plays out from both perspectives, with both Hunter and Hunted seeing themself play as Aiden, whilst the other looks like a regular Joe...that's interesting indeed. It could, of course, just be a placeholder until Ubisoft implement multiplayer character models, or it could be indicative of  camouflage mechanic. Much like the Assassin's Creed games used in their multiplayer.

More than that though, it also shows how fluidly the game flows from sedate, relaxed meandering to a hectic dash through crowds of people. Grabbing the nearest vehicle, jumping in and tearing away into the wide, welcoming city of near future Chicago. My only remaining question is this. Can I hang out in the astrophysics department in the University of Chicago?

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Posts: 3290

It actually reminds me, quite a lot, of the mutliplayer for Splinter Cell: Double Agent. But with people to hack instead of stationary computer terminals

Posts: 123

This looks really cool. I'm reminded a bit of spy party (especially with the first hacking attempt).

Posts: 3290

Yeah, that would really suck

Posts: 127

AC multi meets GTA! Looks great, but let's hope it won't end up with empty servers like most AC games did :(