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We AllDrive When We Need Speed

By breadbitten21-10-2013

What is with EA and bad music? I mean 30 Seconds to Mars? Is it 2005 already? EA, you really need to get your shit together when it comes to using licensed music, take a page out of Rockstar's book and make it your holy scripture for the foreseeable future. Music rant aside, this new video for the next game in the neediest racing game franchise ever Need for Speed: Rivals showcases the game's AllDrive features, which is some kind of...errm...uhh...I guess it's supposed to iterate upon the series' AutoLog social/stat tracking feature, but you really can't tell given the utterly messy way the trailer was edited.

Like previous trailers and promotional trailers for the game expect lots of cars zipping by, Frostbite 3's patented "dirt and grime on the camera lens" effect...and framerate drops...in a trailer, excellent.

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