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Watching Out for Watch Dogs

By Azeebo03-01-2014

Watch Dogs, Ubisofts latest foray into the Open World Action-Adventure genre recently got delayed and missed the launch of the next-gen consoles. Up until now, all we have had from Ubi is a very vague Second Quarter 2014 release. However, online retailer Shopto.net have recently stated they know the exact date of release.

According to ShopTo, all versions of Watch Dogs will be released on the 21st March 2014. A bold statement, however so adamant were they that the release date is correct, they add this to their guarantee:

"We are so confident that you will receive Watch Dogs for Friday 21st of March 2014 that if for ANY reason you do not we will compensate you with £5.00 to your account."

Very bold indeed. But, it seems this confidence was misplaced as they quickly removed the guarantee. Whether or not this was Shopto being overly cocky, or Ubisoft slapping them for leaking information has yet to be seen.

Needless to say, Watch Dogs is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year as it has been in development for over 5 years. Ubisoft has commented saying if Watch Dogs had been released as planned, it would have been the most highly rated launch title of the generation, but delayed it to make more improvements.

2014 has only just started and already it seems a lot of people are making bold statements and ballsy moves. Could this be a running trend for the year? I certainly hope so.

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Posts: 3290

It's Ubisoft. The PC version is always a polished pile of shit

Posts: 596

I'd rather have a polished delayed game than a rushed pile of shit :P

Posts: 1548

Ha ha, yeah ShopTo would have lost this bet for the PC version :D

Posts: 3290

Shame this vanished. We all know it will be late on the PC no matter what. I wouldn't have minded a free fiver