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Watch Your Skyline Grow At Night With Cities Skyline: After Dark

By ElderCub29-08-2015

Fresh, young, and wild, After Dark breathes even more life into the already fantastic Cities Skylines. After Dark of course bears it’s teeth starting with the game’s new day-night cycle. At night traffic will slow and some businesses may even stop. That part is free, however everything else will be part of the DLC. Leisure specialized commercial areas allow for higher leisure output during the night but return to normal commercial zoning during the day. Beach specialization zone are used for things like beach bars and fishing tours along the shoreline.

Prisons will be added allowing the police to actually house criminals. Taxi service will keep tourists and citizens moving around the city, along with bikes, bike lanes and even bus lanes. International airports have been added for increased traffic and integrates a metro station. And Cargo hubs connect harbors directly to cargo train terminals. Cities Skyline: After Dark will be available September 24th and requires the base game to play.

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