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Watch the Rebirth of X!

By JcDent14-11-2013

X was always a series of space flight simulators maybe a little too ambitious for the average gamer to handle, what with the complicated control schemes and all that. It also has an awesomely short name though. The newest entry in the series, called Rebirth, is the most ambitious one yet. Among other things – mostly fighting – it will feature a living, breathing economy based on star bases that change according to the owner's demand. It also aims to be more streamlined, so that people who aren't actual space pilots could play.

On the other hand, the launch video is mostly about stuff blowing up. Hooray!

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My everything is ready!

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Yeah, I know right? The more I see, the more I drool

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Stunning graphics. Designing space games in my eyes seems like the most challenging as you cannot falter in any department and yet the demand for space games is considerably smaller than that for brainless shooters (like CoD). But this looks really good, I really hope it is successful, they clearly put a lot of work into it.

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'Splosions *sage nod*