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Watch the DLC Dawg

By drcoolio34503-09-2014

Watch_Dogs, being one of the most massivly successful games ubisoft has ever published, was no doubt getting some more content, but nobody knew that it would be coming this quickly!

Watch_Dogs Bad Blood puts you in control of not Aiden Pearce, but Raymond "T-Bone" Kenny. Soon after the events of the main game, "T-Bone" infiltrates Blume one last time to plant a false trail in their system, but not before an old friend catches up to him. Tobias Frewer, an old colleague from T-Bone's ctOS prototype development days, calls you in a panic and pleads for your help. Risking your own skin for an old friend, T-Bone decides to help out, but is he still a friend?

Bad Blood sounds like it will have more twists than M. Night Shyamalan's pretzel collection scattered throughout its ten missions, but that's not all it has. Bad Blood will also be adding more optional missions through "street sweep" contracts that will be playable in either single player or co-op mode. All the other side mission types will also be making appearances in Bad Blood, promising "endless" hours of entertainment according to Ubisoft. Besides missions and plot, Watch_Dogs Bad Blood is adding in exclusive weapons, perks, armed security cameras, outfits, and an upgradable remote-controlled car "Eugene."

You can get the Bad Blood DLC for Watch_Dogs DLC through the season pass for $20 and start playing it as early as September 23rd, or you could wait for Bad Blood to come out on its own on September 30th.

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Looks nice :)

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Single player content? That's actually a damn nice change