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Watch the Creed, It's Limited

By breadbitten19-07-2013

I just love it when publishers make "special editions" for games that fall under a new IP, it's the videogame industry equivalent of counting-your-chickens-'fore-the-eggs-hatch mindset. Ubisoft just revealed the limited edition for their much hyped open world hack 'em and whack 'em Watch-Dogs, for the low low LOW payment of $129.99 North Americans can net themselves a copy of the game on their platform of choice along with...

• A collectible SteelBook case featuring art from DedSec

• The official soundtrack, including the original score from composer Brian Reitzell (Lost in Translation, The Bling Ring, Hannibal)

• An 80-page hardcover art book

• Aiden Pearce's mask

• A 9-inch statue of Aiden in action

Rather barebones considering the steep price, but who Am I to tell you first-world folks how to spend your hard-earned monies... The Watch Dogs Limited Edition Pack is currently available for pre-order, with the game still being slated for a November 19 release last time I checked.

But that isn't the only Ubisoft on the horizon, nor is it the only one to receive the limited edition treatment. Old faithful, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, will be seeing the exact same treatment...for the exact same price. What could it mean?!

Check out the former above and the latter below.

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