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Watch the Clock Dawg

By Bobfish18-03-2014

Well now, this is actually rather inspiring I must say. It seems that the upcoming Ubi uber updated hackathon will clock in at a most respectable 35-40 hours for the average gamer. For the campaign. With a boastful prediction of two and half times that much for full, 100%, bells and whistles completion. Which, yes you can do maths, equals out at a whopping 100+ hours all told. The console peons, no doubt, will be crying out how it's so "NECKS JEHN" whilst we of the gaming master race will give a satisfied nod and whisper "not bad."

Joking aside, if true, that's nothing to scoff at. Sure, it may not be the hugerest game ever made, there are a select few I can easily call to mind off the top of my head which would make it seem like a fart in the breeze. But for a company that consistently makes games with a solid,l generally all round entertaining completionist timeframe of 40ish hours, I'm leaning on the colour me excited side of the coin. Better yet, this is 100% completion for single-plyaer (see below) with Gods only know how many more hours available in online play. Something I'm not particularly arsed about, but the drop-in/drop-out eight player co-op we've heard hints about does look like something I'm willing to at least try.

All in all, I call this an encouraging sign. And I hope more games will follow suit.

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