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Watch the Cash Dawgs!

By Bobfish05-07-2013

A mobile app, currently exclusive to Canada (Montreal right?) has been announced to accompany Ubisoft's upcoming hackathon, Watch Dogs. The 'Cracked for cash' mission consists of cracking codes, sent by Ubisoft on a daily basis, to access Mister Aronson's ill begotten gains. It also, so they say, will result in an unknown ATM somewhere in...some place will start dispensing cash in the real world. Now, there are still some questions if the recent Ubi hacking (ubi.com is still down for maintenance after that by the way) incident was a publicity stunt. But this? If this really, genuinely does happen, well, they're not going to need publicity again before the end of time!

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Posts: 3290

Would be pretty sweet if they did the same thing over here. Like, Manchester for example. Not like the first home gaming computer was made here or anything.

Just saying

Posts: 596

Wow that is quite the interesting promotion event :O

Too bad I don't live in Canada :(

Posts: 3290

Just gotta' have the right attitude eh?

Posts: 127

Meh. I hear that in Canada it is enough to ask an ATM very politely for it to start dispensing :-P