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Watch Some Standalone DayZ

By Leigh Cobb05-02-2013

The DayZ development team are busy working on the standalone version of DayZ, and have released first video footage detailing and explaining a few of the new mechanics and changes in this early build of the game.

Half the video focuses on clothing items, with Dean Hall Matthew Lightfoot modelling various jeans, combat jackets and glasses. They explain that clothing, as well as serving an aesthetic purpose, will also have bonuses in the case of body armour and similar items. The rest of the video shows of some changes to the map and how loot and item spawning now works.

I am particular pleased by the map changes, as they have added Utes off the coast of the Chernarus map. Utes is a smaller island which shipped with Arma 2 and Hall says that a suggestion from the community got it added to one large map. There are also additions in the forms of new swamps, which the team hope will change up gameplay for those attempting to traverse them.

The last point in the video was item and loot spawning, Previously handled on the game client, spawning now is controlled on the server end, allowing for new items to spawn easier and much less hacking. Watch the video above for more detail.

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