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Watch Out For This AC4 Pre-Order Bonus

By MrJenssen27-04-2013

Do you love Assassin's Creed? Do you love Pre-Order bonuses? Do you love having to pay extra, or risk pre-ordering a game for content that should have been in the game by default?

Well, then you are in for a treat! Check out the above embedded trailer for The Watch, Ubisoft's answer to what Battlefield and Call of Duty already have - a premium program. Be careful where you pre-order the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Black Flag from, though. You can't get in on this by buying the game just anywhere. No, that would be too simple. In order to get early access to this fantastic new program which lets you share mundane information on Facebook, look at fancy icons, play "hidden object" style minigames, track achievements and other very important stuff that absolutely warrants selective pre-ordering, the game must be pre-ordered in one of a few outlets. For the UK, these are Amazon UK, GAME and Tesco. Yes, Tesco.

So are you ready for this? I know I'm getting psyched! Can't wait to get my hands on that hidden object minigame, that's for sure!

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I don't get it... so pre-order now to get a promotion/marketing application? Am I missing something here?