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Watch out for the Napalm!

By Toast13-09-2013

NAPALM STRIKE INCOMING! Well, there goes a lot of good wood for burning in other places! Oh right, we're in modern times, no more war games going on in Vietnam right now!  But bitComposer are certainly stirring up some war games in the next Air Conflicts game, set in the Vietnam War era. The Air Conflicts series is known to cover different controversial parts of different wars with story in the background for players to follow, along with the arcade like gameplay with some simulation. Air Conflicts: Vietnam will have you piloting over 20 different pieces of Aircraft from the Vietnam War including certain fighter jets and helicopters from both sides (yes, you get to use helicopters now too!).  You'll also be briefly exiting aircraft to occupy anti-air guns to defend a certain position on different missions, so it won't always be aircraft based.

You'll also be able to lead and command different types of aircraft in different missions, with the ability to equip different types of ammo and upgrade them individually. You can also take control of them at any time in the missions if you run out of ammo in one of the other aircrafts you were previously piloting. If you want a lowdown of the features stated by bitComposer you can find them below:

•There can't just be winners in war! Immerse yourself in the compelling and emotional story and experience, alongside heroic moments, the darker side of war.

•Experience the Vietnam War, one of the most explosive and violent wars of all time, up close! Witness the experiences of a brave U.S. Air Force pilot and immerse yourself ever deeper in the story thanks to the dramatic musical score. In addition to fighter jet missions, there are also new, special helicopter missions to complete.

•Take control of entire squadrons! Control all of the airplanes in your squadron.

•Equip your airplanes and helicopters with realistic weapons! All possible combinations of airplanes (or helicopters) and weapons are based on real models.

•A realistic setting combined with arcade gameplay! Every airplane can only be loaded with a limited amount of ammunition. However, you can compensate for this by switching between different airplanes in your squadron.

•A game that never gets boring! Play different singleplayer and innovative multi-player modes.

•Choose from a massive arsenal of military machinery! The game includes over 20 different airplanes and helicopters from U.S. and the Russian side.

The game will be released on the 13th of October for PC and other platforms. Make sure to check out the following screenshots from the game too!

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Back in Nam....

Posts: 1317

@Merc, the screenshot that looks a lot like Payday 2 is actually an infantry mission in Hanoi, where you and several other special forces wear blue rubber gloves and kill what LOOKS like SWAT-units but are actually very well kitted-out Vietcong insurgents. I know, who would've thought, right? :O

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Oh dear. They said the story would be "compelling and emotional".

In today's industry, that's the equivalent of what filmmakers would call "clichéd and insanely stupid". :/

With that said, the game does look quite pretty at this point

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This game looks interesting and I love Vietnam stuff. I wonder why that one screenshot is there lol......