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Watch Dogs Leak All Over E3

By Mokman10-06-2013

Watchdogs is perhaps one of the most anticipated games coming out this year, and for a good reason - it plugs in straight into our modern age and kicks it in the nuts, utilizing its various quirks and mechanics and converting them into gameplay. A game where you play as a hacker cum brawler vigilante running about utilizing social media and bringing criminals to justice? That's the modern age for you...I think.

Anyway, Ubisoft has "leaked" yet another trailer, this time at E3 which I daresay would titillate your senses. The more I look at the game, the more tantalized I am by its art direction, it's theme and above all - the possibilities.

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Posts: 3290

Ubi know how to make pre-rendered videos. In fact, their staff are so 'good' they've even ventured into the movie industry. Did you know they did the digital effects for Predators?

Which leaves me wondering. How long until we have an Ubisoft Predator game?

Predator's Creed anyone?

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There were moment when it looked almost live action.

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Gotta admite, that was a pretty good trailer.