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Watch Dogs Gets its First Character Trailer

By drcoolio34509-05-2014

Watch Dogs came out with a new trailer introducing all the new character who will at some point be part of your team in your mission to dish out justice using information warfare, regular warfare, and explosions. 

Joining the club of gravely sounding voices in video games, Aiden Pearce is our playable character in Watch Dogs. He's a pro-hacker, former thug, and his objective is to gain control of the ctOS (Central Operating System) which seems to have information on everyone and everything. Aiden's plan is to take justice into his own hands using ctOS to his advantage.  

Then there's Clara Lile, who is the "best hacker I know" and a "dangerous wildcard" according to Aiden. Tattoo artist by day, and "DedSec hacktavist" by night, she seems to want to help Aiden for one reason or another. 

"T-Bone" Grady seems more like a mix of McGyver and Trevor from GTA V, genius enough to build bombs while crazy enough to set them off next door. 

Jordi Chin is no exception to the diversity of this crew. There seems to be no information on him beside that he introduces Aiden to sticky bombs and that his morals are...loose. 

Anthony "Iraq" Wade is a veteran back from Iraq who'd "like military strategy to gang warfare." Regardless of his preferences though, he seems ready to risk his life again for Aiden's cause. 

Dermont "Lucky" Quinn was the last character introduced in the trailer. He's your average grandpa, really; he's an elderly man, head of a crime syndicate, and probably reeks of old people smell. 

So far we know nothing about why any of these new character are helping Aiden, and in a game about crime, there are sure to be some bumps along the way between them. Even Aiden says "In a city of 3 million people, you'd be surprised how few you can trust." Be watching out for Watch Dogs on May 27th this year.

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