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Watch 30 Minutes of Carnage, Get All the Details!

By MrJenssen30-03-2015

So, the awesome people over at PC Gamer have recently gotten the world's first hands-on with Tripwire Interactive's zed-killing simulator Killing Floor 2. The result of which is a video showing a 30-minute uninterrupted match starring PC Gamer staffers and devs from Tripwire. You can check the match out in its entirety in the video embedded below this article.

Though the match doesn't really give us much in the way of new information on the game, it certainly is a gory spectacle. But that doesn't mean there are no news to be had. Because there is, and plenty of it. Where do we begin? Let's do a run-down of everything we know so far, from the buzz in activity in the past couple of days.

- KF2 is set to go into Steam Early Access - the version they're playing in the video above - sometime in the near future, although a specific date is not yet set.

- The Early Access version will be a highly polished beta-version of the game with a subset of the final game's content, if the developers are to be believed. This is due to them wanting feedback on balancing and such before the final launch of the game.

- The Early Access version will offer three maps and four "perks"/playable classes, each with their own skill-sets, upon release. More content will be added gradually over time.

- The four first perks we'll be able to play as are "Berserker" (melee), "Support" (shotguns and support), "Commando" (assault rifles), and the "Medic".

- A total of ten classes are planned for the final game, including a "Gunslinger" that specializes in pistols, and a "Sharpshooter" that'll favour sniper rifles. A picture of some buttons dealt out during Comic Con late last year, give further clues as to what the other Perks are all about. Fire, armor and explosives seem to be the driving theme of a few of them.

- The max rank for any Perk is 25. For every fifth level-up, you get to choose between two new skill-points for that perk. Some of these help the entire team, like the Support-perk's ability to carry a backpack that'll resupply other players' ammo once per wave.

- There'll be more freedom in how you customize your look this time around. In lieu of KF1's full outfits, you'll now be able to exchange clothing for your head, body and "accessories" separately.

- KF2 will have several different bosses as opposed to only the one in the original KF. Currently these are not known, but one is teased (by sound only) in the video below.

- More enemy types will also make an appearance in the final version of the game, though none of these are currently known.

- The game's official soundtrack has been revealed! Unsurprisingly, it's laden with the heaviest of heavy metal music. You'll find several of the bands on Spotify in case you're interested in giving some of the tracks a listen.

Beyond that, plus the videos we've embedded above and below as well as the stuff we've previously covered, there isn't much else to be said at this point. It'll certainly be exciting to see what new enemies and bosses are revealed in the near future, before and after the Early Access version of the game launches. We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear more. In the meantime, enjoy the 30-minute video embedded below.

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