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Wastelandishly Successful Crowd-Sourcing

By Mokman21-12-2012

It seems that Wasteland 2 is coming along nicely, with no small amount of help from the vast amount of assets submitted to its crowd-sourcing experiment set up in the Unity Asset Store. As can be seen in this post made on their Kickstarter site, the submissions are of surprising quality, with impressive artwork and design. Furthermore, the developers have touched on an important point that for a small studio such as InXile Entertainment, the assistance they are receiving from fans allow them to pool their resources more efficiently and focus on important things such as gameplay. As to quote the:

"The more props we get from the fans, the more time our guys get to spend working on key game-play elements."

This then brings rise to an interesting idea - and possibly one that would revolutionize the video-game industry. If fans could all help in the creation of a game, would games eventually be crowd-sourced and entirely made by a group of fans? We already see this in certain areas, specifically the modding scene, but it seems that this phenomenon is now spreading out into the industry. Would this be a blessing or a curse to the development of games? What do you think?


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@stuntmanLT, very true, very true. Unity engine is pretty good, hopefully it will do wasteland justice

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@nemesys its not gamebryo engine, so that is promising :D

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This is good news, really looking forward to the game. My biggest concern though isn't about whether or not the game will be great (It has to be, lots of talent working on it) but it's stability and technical performance.

No matter how good a game is, technical instability and overall buggy quality can ruin everything...case in point, (boiling point, Temple of elemental evil)