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Wasteland 2 Relaunches Wasteland 1

By JcDent09-11-2013

Before all of the Fallout games there was - Wasteland, a very old (1988!) game about Rangers, a military group of people trying to keep order and civilization in the wastes of post-nuclear war USA. Wasteland 2 got the shit Kickstarted out of it and is being developed as we speak. Meanwhile, Wasteland 1 is being relaunched on modern platforms! It is already available now if you were want of the backers or will be available on GOG and Steam on November 12th.

The game has been updated in various, mostly cosmetic ways, with more music, selectable upgraded portraits and other things like that. After the list of planned changes was announced, the devs received a lot feedback and these were the resulting fixes: a toggle to turn smoothing off, implementing swappable portraits, tweaking portrait art options, in-game manual text on abilities, stats and skills and ensuring it works on Mac and Linux.

Wastland 2 Early Beta is still coming, even with people demanding that they spend enough time on the game to make it as badass as possible. Strange to see people so riled up on Beta, then again, how many companies release public betas these days and never finish the game, or release the game incomplete (Sword of the Stars 2, Elemental: War of Magic...)? Anyways, the preparations for the Beta are well underway and all the folks who'll get into it will have all the means to make the game better.

We just have to sit and wait!


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Got my copy!