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Wasteland 2 Now Has A Map!

By JcDent19-10-2013

Wasteland 2 is an RPG sequel to the original Wasteland, which was a major influence on Fallout and the whole post-apocalyptic wasteland genre. Well, now this Kickstarted gem got itself a world map!

It's available in two flavours. The 3D map, similarly to Mount and Blade, will show your character traveling in a 3D overworld map where settlements, oases and other things of interest will be revealed, as they come in range and as the character passes skill checks. The 2D map will look like any old piece of map and will have all the encountered areas and dangers marked on it. Sounds easy enough!

But not quite.

In the world map, you'll have to manage your water supplies – traveling in places that aren't scorched deserts helps, as well as visiting an oasis or friendly towns. Stay without water long enough and you'll start taking dehydration damage. Not the most fun way to go. Overall water usage will be determined by the number of characters in your party, number of canteens available, terrain and your character's Outdoorsman skill.

But that's not the only dump stat that gets a new lease on life. Luck will also determine your chances to find better stashes of loot and avoid random encounters. Speed will also help in the latter area. All in all, several skills can too contribute to finding new areas. Which is important, since highly radioactive areas are dangerous. Some will kill you even if you have enhanced rad suits that you get late in the game!

Also, specific enemies dwell in certain areas, which means that there's no level scaling and you can easily get into a fight that will cream your starter Ranger like he's just a walking sack of potatoes. See that? Screw you, Bethesda and Elder Scrolls games past Morrowind!

On this and other news you can check the Kickstarter post. Or, if you want to something worthwhile, express your opinion in the comments below.

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