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Wasteland 2 Gets Free GOTY Upgrade

By zethalee08-05-2015

Coming sometime this summer, for all owners of Wasteland 2 on PC, Mac, or Linux, the Game of the Year edition includes quite the array of upgrades for owners, and yes, it's all for free. The first and most obvious change would be the upgrade to the newest version of the Unity engine, bringing with it updated textures and character models, along with quite a bit of additional voice work for your companions. Though Wasteland 2 was never billed as a game focused on its graphics, the new changes do appear to bring more life to the landscape.

Perks and quirks have also received new art, though the wording on the Kickstarter post was ambiguous if players will be getting new Skills at all. Reading through the linked Eurogamer interview revealed no further clues as to whether this was true or not either. Regardless, players will also have the ability to more finely aim their attacks at enemies. That is, if you hit someone in the chest armor over and over, it will weaken the armor in that area. These new precision attacks are postured to be more accurate and less of a reliance on RNG, a likely welcome for any fans of the original game.

There's also plenty of promises for overhauling loot drops, combat arenas, and the overall gameplay experience, even as they inXile can't provide any specifics about what these changes might involve right now. Then again, there's still some time before the GOTY edition releases sometime late this summer for new changes to be revealed, and when they do, we'll have them listed out for you.

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God damn it! They need to stop updating this game with content and improvements. I always get some new incentive to wait just a little longer before playing through the game. :'(