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Wasteland 2 Gets Another Major Patch

By JcDent23-04-2014

Wasteland 2 is still trudging towards its release, with many people playing the beta, submitting error reports and then getting their saves wrecked once a patch comes out. Well, it‘s this time of the month again, and InXile has released a new humongous patch. The description is so long, you‘d fall asleep midway while scrolling down the list. So here‘s a copy paste of the major fixes:

- The Titans have been released!  A new area is available.

- The vendor screen has been completely redesigned!

- Tutorials have been added

- New Mark Morgan tracks

- Large balance pass on weapons and dropsets across the world

- Large armor penetration pass on weapons and armor class pass on enemies

- Many optimizations and compatibility fixes

- Tons of new ambient tracks and in-world sounds added to all AZ levels

- Ag Center/Highpool/Prison now unlocked from start

- Ag Center and Highpool can both fall now

- Reduced loading times across all scenes

- HOTFIX: fixed infinite loading issue in certain areas

There a few amusing ones in the whole deluge of notes, such as: “Battling NPCs with melee weapons now walk to within range so they can attack now.” I can image this being an important thing.

A few more patches like that and we‘ll be good to go!

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