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Wasteland 2 Gets A Publisher

By Kelevandos11-07-2013

... wait, what?! Wasn't Wasteland 2 a Kickstarter project and a hell of a successful one at that? How comes inXile would turn to one of the dreaded enemies of gaming fun, a publisher? Well, no need for stress as Deep Silver, the mentioned publisher, will actually only cover the physical release of the game and the distribution of the real-life goodies. No interruption, no interfering with the developer's concept, no sucking money of us gamers.

Anyway, seeing how the founding of the game's KS campaign bet the threshold over 3 times, I doubt the possibility of inXile requiring additional resources. Seems this is it then – we will get a great cRPG title created by visionaries AND a professional fulfilment of any real-life goodie distribution. Maybe it could become a standard one day? After all, the publishers could really help the crowd founding games with their experience, provided that they could restrain from trying to turn every release into a gold mine...

In other news, Wasteland 2 is getting some tweaks, mainly concerning the interface, which will now take up a lesser portion of the screen. See the below screens for details and an example of customization options. Also, the game's blog will be moving to tumblr, so make sure to check either the Kickstarter profile or the Tumblr one for future updates on the game.

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Posts: 3290

They are certainly proving themselves to be a strong contender. But my heart has been claimed by Focus

Posts: 351

I never played the other games, however this game looks really great. I will keep it on my radar.

Posts: 1548

That is great news. Deep Silver is slowly taking over the place of THQ in my heart.

Posts: 124

Good match, Deep Silver's been nothing but respectful to both their developers and customers.