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Wasteland 2 Gameplay Footage - Hell Yeah!

By JcDent10-02-2013

Ambitious Kickstarter projects by game industry giants are starting to show at least some things that they're doing with our money. For example, we have an announcement about Wasteland 2 gameplay footage!

The video shows off one of the early areas in the game, battles, interactions with the environments, other characters, UI and many other things. And while the game is still far from finished (all the sounds were added in post), it still looks pretty damn sweet. I love the detailed environments!

Expect sneers and quips directed at Diablo III when this one comes out.

Anywhoo, what's your opinion, oh dear reader of ours?


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Oh man, I am SERIOUSLY digging the HUD and art style! It's like an isometric STALKER with a deeper RPG-system! Sign me u.... oh wait, I already pledged to the kickstarter. Never mind, I'm already on board! :D