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Wasteland 2 Footage Emerges from the Dust

By Leigh Cobb06-09-2012

A brand new video has emerged, showing off Brian Fargo's Wasteland 2, Kickstarted into life a little while back.

Are you ready one minute and three seconds of pure adrenaline, dizzying highs and death defying gameplay!? Well don't be, because the video basically shows a single moment from the game, exactly the same as the previously released screenshot. If this is your kind of thing though, then go crazy!

Thankfully, they did include a description to go with the footage:

Here is the video clip of Wasteland 2 that Brian showed at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam. This shows the same environment that we showed in the previously released screen shot. In this video we are demonstrating the various playable camera angles available in game from the close up camera, the isometric tactical camera, to the old school top down.


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Posts: 40

yea out of the 3 games ive backed, this is the one im lookin most forward to.

Posts: 1548

Looks good. Hope my Kickedstarted funds don't go to waste.