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Wasteland 2 Delayed

By Endzville22-07-2013

Fear not, for that title is not as foreboding as it sounds. In fact, if you're wanting a better quality, more polished game, this isn't really bad news at all. In the latest update for their Kickstarter-funded sequel to the original Wasteland, inXile founder Brian Fargo explained that, though a fully featured playable version of the game is six weeks behind schedule, they do intend to actively involve their backers with a beta release in October (the game's initial release month) and, based on the feedback they receive, set a new release date then. Fargo certainly emphasised how important it was to him that the game would only be released when their backers gave them the green light, stating that "this new crowd sourced model of game production [means] we have the luxury of working on a game that won't be rushed out the door."

As to what you lucky backers can expect from this "feature complete" state of the game come October, Fargo had a lot to say about what the different areas of the development team expect to have complete by then, so it's well worth the read. There's also a few other interesting bits and pieces of news at the end, not least of which is an hour interview with Fargo and writer, Nathan Long, about their inspirations, their approach to writing a post-apocalyptic world, and more. We'll also be seeing more gameplay footage in Gamescon next month too.

Still, let us know what you think about the update in the comment space below, particularly those of you who've backed this and have been itching to play. This is something I always see as good news myself - unless you're Duke Nukem Forever, of course - and I expect that those of you who lucky enough to play this in October will find, at the very least, the foundations of a well constructed game in place ready to be made even better by your input. Now, excuse me whilst I go mug some poor sap for the money I'll need to back this already...

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