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Wasteland 2 Can Now Properly Store Your Loot

By JcDent01-06-2013

Wasteland 2 is going to be like Fallout - from an isometric perspective and hopefully as good. After all, before Fallout, there was Wasteland. On the Kickstarter update 29 they mostly talk about inventory. The gist of it is... it's like in Fallout: New Vegas, only now you can easily switch between the lists, sort items according to some of the stats and each one comes with a picture and some funny flavoured text. Since flavour text is the best thing ever, I really really like it. One other thing is your favoured items - they influence the automatic loot distribution among your squad. This probably means that the character that has favoured a sniper rifle will automatically get sniper ammo. No more blundering through inventories like in Brotherhood of Steel!

The update also includes one other thing that I'd like to mention - the Damonta airplane village. Sadly, it's not inhabited by airplanes - it's built in the real airplane graveyard near Tucson, Arizona. Expect it to look sexy!

I can't wait for Wasteland, but hopefully Shadowrun will help ease the pain. How will you deal with all the longing for post-apocalyptic adventure?


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