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Warnings From the Wall

By Bunnysuit22-01-2015

Telltale Games have just released a preview for the upcoming Game of Thrones episode "The Lost Lords". Most of the video features a recap from the first episode without showing any spoilers.

For new footage we see Asher in Essos, he's talking about money with an unseen female character, though we see her later at the 1:18 mark, I don't recognise her from the show. Pretty sure we'll be able to control Asher's decisions in the game too. The last shot of the video is a group of soldiers coming to attack Asher and his companion.

Meanwhile Gared has arrived at the wall, and Jon Snow is telling him that the others won't like him, but he has to deal with it because they're "brothers" now. That is the part that I'm most looking forward to. Squee.

Mean meanwhile, Tyrion talks plans with Mira about the crown buying Ironwood directly from the Forrester family. But from the first episode, both House Whitehill and House Forrester have control of the Ironwood now. Mira has a choice that could benefit house Forrester or cause more conflict to them. I know what I'm going to decide if I have the opportunity.

The game is coming out to PC and Mac on February 3.

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Asher looks pretty badass

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May he be forever feminine in the afterlife.

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