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Warner Bros Talks About Arkham Knight Problems

By WskOsc29-06-2015

Posted over on the official forums an update has been posted detailing the fixes Rocksteady is aiming to implement for the troubled Arkham Knight. Also in the original post is the news that it will take some time for the fixes to arrive – no surprise there then, the list of what's required is rather extensive:

  • Support for frame rates above 30FPS in the graphics settings menu
  • Fix for low resolution texture bug
  • Improve overall performance and framerate hitches
  • Add more options to the graphics settings menu
  • Improvements to hard drive streaming and hitches
  • Address full screen rendering bug on gaming laptop
  • Improvements to system memory and VRAM usage
  • NVIDIA SLI bug fixes
  • Enabling AMD Crossfire
  • NVIDIA and AMD updated drivers

Lastly, the post states that smaller patches will be released throughout the development of the larger fixes, the first of which is already out. Stay tuned for more news and updates, as well as previews, reviews and articles. This concludes today's Arkham Knight news.

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Yes it sucks that the game launched like this, but even on my pretty shitty rig I can get it running really nice and looking as best it can with the option given.

It's a lot of fun but yeah, they should never have released it like this.