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Warlords of Draenor Might Axe Flying Mounts

By CameronW15-03-2014

Flying mounts and World of Warcraft have been a thing together for over 7 years now, and Blizzard has been looking for a way to do away with them for almost as long. If you've played Warcraft to the point where you've reached the higher levels, spent the gold 3-4 times over now, and flown around, you probably noticed that having your own flying mount sort of takes the danger out of the environments below you when you can just jump on it and float above the ground out of the reach of pretty much every baddie that comes your way.

Restricting the use of flying mounts has been a thing for as long as flying mounts have been around. In the Burning Crusade expansion you had to reach level 70, in Wrath of the Lich King you had be reach 78, Cataclysm? You just needed to pay some gold. Mists of Pandaria requires level 90, but in Warlords of Draenor there won't be any flying mounts at –all-. Not until 6.1 anyway.

No flying mounts till 6.1 is the official word, but there're rumours milling around that there might not be any flying mounts at all during the entire expansion. Obviously you'd still be able to fly in all of the areas you can currently fly around in, but in Draenor you'd be stuck on the ground a 'la the Timeless Isle.

There're upsides and downsides to this, the obvious downside is that everyone is going to be a lot less mobile on Draenor, gathering will take longer, Auction House prices will go up, and everything from questing to getting to raids is going to take a lot more time. The upside is that it puts more danger and excitement into the world. If a place is full of dangerous elite mobs, maybe you shouldn't go there alone if you can't handle it. If you're a Mage, you probably feel a lot cooler when you slowfall over things.

Quests won't be just flying over an area, finding the single mob or item you need, then swooping down, grabbing or killing it, then flying off. There is the fact that we've already paid for flying so many times over the years that it feels a little cheap when Blizzard steals it away. Let's calculate, shall we? 700 gold for basic flying training in outland, 5,000 gold for epic flying at 280% speed. 5,000 more gold for master flying at 310% speed, 700 gold for Cold Weather Flying in Northrend, 250 for the ability to fly on Azeroth. 5,000 more for Mists of Pandaria's dragon flying, and all of this gold becomes quickly irrelevant when flying is no longer a thing.

About 6 minutes into the interview above you can hear Lead World Designed Alex Afrasiabi talk a little about flying in Warlords of Draenor.

What do you think? Terrible idea and you hate it? Great idea and you love it? Terrible idea and you love it? I think I'm for it. Flying is boring.

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Blizzard: Add in a cool feature, make add-on, remove cool feature when you buy add-on... GREAT!

That is pretty crazy lol, Blizzard really lost it when they hit the jackpot with WoW's release. Its a shame as they used to be an amazing company that could just create epic game after epic game. But now... now they are no better than any other big gaming company.