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Warlock 2 Now Has an Editor

By JcDent01-02-2014

Warlock: Master of the Arcane was just the game to sate our hunger for 4X fantasy games. An easy Civilization clone, it was one of the few games released by Paradox Interactive that regular people could play. Well, it has a sequel – Warlock II: The Exiled. The world has been shattered at the “end” (as much end as a campaign-less game can have) and one of the Great Mages usurped the power and exiled all the others to far off shards. The trailer details what kind of shards you might visit while traveling to reclaim home.

But to hell with that, we have more important news (and videos!). First of all, the game will be shipped with an Editor. This means that you'll be able to tweak (or make your own) quests, scenarios and adventures, place stuff around the maps...and, after your freak and freakishly detailed recreation of Equestria is finished, share it with unsuspecting players over Steam Workshop. Nifty!

You know what’s even niftier? This Twitch recording that I got the campaign details from and which features a sample gameplay session. With dwarves! The main game looks kind of the same, with a little busier interface and some of the quirks straightened out – for example, spell research now makes sense! Iron out mistakes, leave the good parts intact – that's the sequel mantra that the game seems to follow.

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