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Warhammer Vermintide Getting Free DLC

By WskOsc11-11-2015

You read that title right – Fatshark are so chuffed that Vermintide sold over 300,000 copies in the first two weeks that they're giving away the first DLC pack, Sigmar's Blessing for free. Coming December 3rd the pack will include a rat-king's worth of new features including:

  • Player control over what loot is dropped in-game.
  • A new altar at the inn that lets you sacrifice loot to improve your arsenal.
  • New traits added to the loot tables.
  • New unique weapon drops in the “red” loot category for each of the 40 weapon types.

The new red weapons will feature a set combination of traits, much like a set item from an MMO would. The free DLC isn't all that's on the cards, Fatshark are planning on adding a private mode “for players wanting an even bigger challenge as they face off against the Skaven alone!” Realism mode, which will remove the HUD, crosshairs and more for a more immersive, and difficult, experience. Lastly, a survival mode will also be added at some point in the future so players can face off against endless, ever-increasing waves of Skaven.

In the future, Vermintide will offer alternating paid and free DLC. Like we needed an excuse to smash more rats. See you in Ubersreik!

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