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Warhammer The End Times – Vermintide “The Empire Soldier”

By McKaby05-10-2015

Fatshark has graced us with a fast action trailer of the Witch Hunter, Markus Kruber, who is the sole survivor of a battle against a Necromancer, and keeps up his spirits and clings to what he was before that terrible battle, and quite a “Soldier's General” as it where as he rose to command and didn't think of himself different to his men.

The game is a co-op FPS that you play one of five heroes who are clearing out the town of Ubersreik of Skaven (rat people), the gameplay of the soldier is about support and attack with a great hammer, great sword, war hammer and even sword and shield and for range the odd rotating barrel Noch gun that we have seen before, along with a blunderbuss and a large calibre gun for armour piercing shots, or long range shots against enemies.

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide available on Steam for £22.99 and Digital Deluxe for £33.99 with 10% off pre-purchase until it's release on the 23rd of October.

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