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Warhammer End Times – Vermintide Release Trailer

By WskOsc22-10-2015

Vermintide is on our minds a lot here at Pixel Judge; between our preview and ghoul-like hunger for better loot dice we can't get enough of it. It's appropriate then that Vermintide will be releasing tomorrow on Steam and costs £20.69 until 6PM tomorrow, when the game launches. Pre-ordering gets you access to a handful of early-game maps and loot will carry over to the full release.

When released, Vermintide will have 13 maps, 5 playable characters and approximately 70 kajillion Skaven waiting to meet the pointy/heavy/cutty end of your stabby/crushy/axe-y stick. Yeah, we didn't think that through, got sidetracked thinking about whacking Skaven with things. See you all in Ubersreik tomorrow!

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